Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy 1st Heavenly Birthday

A year ago today we began that horrible CDH rollercoaster ride. Getting to see Kaden for the first time, being so scared that things would turn out like they did. I wouldn't trade the 17 days with him for anything but I wouldn't want to relive them for anything either. We were such a mess...not prepared--like you could ever really prepare for that ride. I am sad today thinking about the "what should have beens" for you. We would be having a birthday party for you this Easter weekend, but instead I am just trying to get thru the day with my "best" face. In actuallity, these next 17 days are gonna be rough. It feels like it was yesterday, but a year has already passed. We all miss you terribly, and love you so much! I hope that you and Max get to have cupcakes!